The Glass Heim

The Glass Heim

Nicole remains one of the top leading builder and designer for residential properties in Metro Manila. And their reputation in the industry is well deserved because every project they’ve managed has satisfied every client’s demand.

With almost 30 years of building experience, Nicole made the decision to branch out in contracting. With this experience, they make sure to keep up and adapt to the new trends and innovations they can showcase in their projects. One of their latest works that deserve recognition is the stunner of a house called “The Glass Heim ”.

The Glass Heim is a modern luxury house that lives in one of the most promising cities in Metro Manila, Ayala Alabang. This is one of the best projects that can represent the excellent craftsmanship of Nicole. The lot has approximately 900 square meters of floor area and 408 square meters of lot area. Its interior and exterior architectural design mainly followed a luxurious and modern house scheme. Its homey yet luxurious atmosphere makes for a timeless appeal.

The total lot area is 900 square meters with a floor area of 408 square meters consisting of:

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 4 Toilet and Baths
  • 8 Car Garage 
  • Master’s Den
  • Family Hall
  • Male Staff Quarters
  • Female Staff Quarters
  • 2 Storeys
  • Basement

When you’re about to enter the house, you are greeted by the main door, which weighs 750 kilograms of pure Narra wood. Just a few steps in the corner of the main entrance is a panoramic glass elevator, making it the first house in the South to have such a feature. One of the many highlights of this house (specify on the ‘many’) is the access to a two-floor, high ceiling walk-in closet in the master’s bedroom. The swimming pool and Jacuzzi deserve to be mentioned as well. 

The clients requested energy efficiency so, with special heat insulation and glass walls, this home is not just aesthetically pleasing but is practical as well as saves on the electricity bill. The heat insulations help keep the house cool while the glass exterior walls offer a 360° view of your surrounding area and enough lighting for your home. It’s also worth mentioning that the clear glass windows and skylights that surround the walls and ceiling of this house, creates a contemporary and sleek visual character. Pair that with the wood color tones and black accents around the house. It’s obvious that the color scheme and pattern were well thought out. 

Some minor details that deserve to be recognized as well are the glass railings for the stairs that Nicole decided to use. A whole slab of uncut tempered glass was used, which makes the style look so clean and polished. Combine that with the LED lights placed in each step. One of the main highlights of the house as well is the cozy and spacious bedrooms. Each room was designed to be comfortable and minimalist that serves its function to give rest and relaxation to the family. 

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Before being listed on our website, all Presello Partners go through a thorough screening process. This allows us to ensure that the customers we refer to can have the best experience possible. Nicole have proven their expertise in providing quality workmanship and diligence in project management, which is proven in every single one of their works. You can see more of their projects by viewing their portfolio on our website.  

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