Presello Partners Up With DMCI Homes For The Amazing Home Makeover Project

Presello Partners Up With DMCI Homes For The Amazing Home Makeover Project

Presello being one of the most ambitious and performance-driven real estate brokerage firms in the Philippines has teamed up with the finest provider of residential communities, DMCI Homes. This is to create a series of online house remodeling movies that illustrate high-quality home building and construction management.

Both Presello and DCMI Homes aim to create a quality lifestyle responsive to the changing needs and preferences of everyone they serve. And with this four-part online series, titled The Amazing Home Makeover Project, both corporations can show how much they excel in their respective fields. 

In this project, DMCI Homes’ in-house team of skilled builders collaborate to restore a worn-down three-story house in Mahogany Place 1 Subdivision in Acacia Estates, Taguig City to life and turn it into a charming, contemporary family home appropriate for modern living.

According to Marvin Sim, co-founder of Presello Realty Group Inc., “We are happy that DMCI Homes has partnered with us in this one-of-a-kind project. Presello’s goal is to bring forward the story of the properties we feature in our platforms for the appreciation of interested buyers as well as viewer aficionados of house tours.”

“With this special project with DMCI Homes, we can also showcase to the audience how this property is transformed into something amazing through DMCI Homes’ expertise in building quality and best-value properties,” he continued.

Presello’s YouTube channel as well as DMCI Homes’ official social media channels will broadcast the Amazing Home Makeover Project.

The well-loved Julia Richards, who hosts Presello’s popular house tour films, will present The Amazing Home Makeover Project as well.

This project was led by Architect Rina Soriano, DMCI Homes Vice President for Architectural and Interior Design, and the real estate company’s experienced and trusted teams from Design & Engineering, Interior Design, Fit-out, and Landscaping.

“DMCI Homes has in-house capabilities that not all developers of condominiums have. We aim to showcase all of these skills on a smaller scale through this special project with Presello,” Soriano said.

“With The Amazing Home Makeover Project, Us at Presello and DCMI hope to share to the public, especially to aspiring homeowners and the design and construction enthusiasts, what we have learned over the years about quality homebuilding, construction management, and modern home living,” she added.

Aside from the four main episodes, which will conclude in the grand unveiling of the transformed house, eight director’s cut episodes will feature DMCI Homes professional homebuilders sharing their experiences and insights on interior design, engineering, fit-out, and landscaping along with Presello’s host Julia Richards.

Both Presello and DCMI hope that every viewer who will follow this online series will learn and enjoy every home-building and designing process that will be featured in this show. 

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