Presello Makes Housing Loans Simple with Nook

Presello Makes Housing Loans Simple with Nook

A beautiful home is everyone’s dream but if there’s one thing the past years proved to us is that homes should be more than one’s comfort place. The new way of living brought by the pandemic has increased the demand for multi-functional houses. A beautiful place where you can relax, work, and bond with your loved ones. However, the process of financing a house remains complicated for some that are looking to start a brand new chapter of their life. 

And Presello understands this demand and sought a way to simplify home financing for everyone in the Philippines. That’s why Presello partnered with Nook, the first mortgage broker in the Philippines that will change the way we buy homes for the better.

An Easier Way To Get Your Dream Home.

Anyone familiar with house loan applications knows how many days or even months it takes to get processed. Not only that but you have to book many appointments at the bank and take numerous trips there just to get your deal approved. In a post-pandemic world, that does not sound appealing at all. And this is exactly what Nook solves. 

 Mortgage Brokering

In case you are unfamiliar with it, you should know what a mortgage broker does and how it makes your life easier.

When you buy a property, a real estate salesperson helps you and the seller with the transaction. And they get paid by the seller. Mortgage brokering operates similarly but in this case, the mortgage broker assists the buyer with the home loan and they get compensated by the bank.

Prospective borrowers will save a lot of time and work with Nook because they no longer have to spend too much time canvassing and evaluating bank loans and conditions. Nook will search for the best loan for you. Their services are available digitally, allowing aspiring homeowners to be matched with the appropriate home financing packages in minutes.

But what makes Nook the best at what they do is that they collaborate with the country’s major banks, including BDO, UnionBank, BPI Family Savings Bank, China Bank, RCBC, RCBC, AUB, and Filidian Bank to simplify house financing. 

Purchase your ideal house from Presello and Nook will provide you with complimentary services. For additional information, please go to Presello and Nook partnership page

Digital and Accessible Home-Buying Experience

Presello recognizes the big change in how we do business transactions. Almost everything is done remotely and on digital platforms. There is no reason why purchasing a home should not adapt to this transition as well. Presello wants homebuyers to have a straightforward and less-complicated experience in finding their dream home. With its partnership with platforms like Nook, the contactless home-buying process can be possible for anyone.

For years, Presello has continued to prove its expertise in bringing positive changes into each home owner’s life. This partnership represents the company’s efficient response to the ever-changing world of our modern society. Presello’s goal is not just about selling real estate, but rather to provide the best brokering service on the market.

They aspire to develop collaborations that will help us form lasting relationships with people around us by being open, honest, and engaging with their clients. To start turning your dreams into reality, visit the Presello X Nook partnership page and experience the convenience of the modern ways of home financing.

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