How to Prepare Your Home For The Rainy Season

How to Prepare Your Home For The Rainy Season

Have a checklist ready to prepare your home for the monsoon season up ahead!

There’s no in-between when it comes to the weather of the Philippines. We just passed the days of a forty-degree heat index which caused every air conditioner in every home to switch on, and now the gloomy, and rainy days are here in a blink. And it’s no surprise that this country only experiences two distinct kinds of weather, in fact, if you’ve lived here long enough, it’s a quick change you’ll barely notice.

However, because each rainy season is different, meticulous house planning is required. Especially if you reside in an area prone to flooding and strong winds.

Prepare a list of things and preparations to keep your house and family safe so you can be relaxed, as you enjoy the chilly mornings and cozy nights!

8 Tips On How To Prepare Your House For The Rainy Season

Keep watch of the news.

Staying updated on weather updates during this season should not be overlooked. Even when your schedule is hectic and you don’t have the time to watch the news, there are now many ways to know the weather updates through the internet, whether that’s social media or new applications.

watch for the news

Checking that built-in weather app on your iPhone or Android can also be a great help. Overall, staying informed will help you determine the action you need to take to prepare your house for potential damages.

Prepare your groceries.

Having enough food during the days where it’s too dangerous to go outside, or to even avail delivery services, will be a great convenience for you and your family. While you still can, purchase food products that can last for several days, especially if the local grocery in your community will require quite a drive.

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Get your generator and power banks ready.

Power outages during typhoons and heavy rains are quite common in certain areas in Metro Manila, so if that’s something you already experience before, be ready now by charging your power banks. And if your household has a generator, make sure it’s ready and you know how to operate it by calling your electrical energy provider ahead of time.

Secure the Roof and Gutters.

Most people are worried about their roof during this season, and who wouldn’t be, since we rarely remember to check our roof. But to not have unwelcome trouble surprise you during the rain, have professionals check the condition of your roof and have the gutters clean. For gutters get clogged by leaves and other random stuff that might result in water spilling and accumulating on the roof. This water will eventually leak through the walls If not treated promptly. An increase in mold development can also occur, which could be harmful to your family and pets.

Check the drains.

Drains for your outdoor garden or backyard play a big role when it’s pouring outside. Although your area might not be prone to floods, clogged drains can certainly cause a flood. Make it a priority to ensure that all drains in and around your property are clear of any obstructions or blockages that might allow water to stagnate and cause substantial damage. Water that accumulates like this creates a physical hazard and serves as natural habitats for insects and other parasites to foster.

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Secure important documents and electric appliances.

If your neighborhood, on the other hand, is prone to flash floods, keep everything you need secure by putting it where rainwater can’t get to it. Families should be able to work together to do this task, which will save any expensive equipment from being destroyed. Important documents can also be sealed on anything that will protect them from water damage.

Cut loose branches from your trees.

The dispersed limbs of trees on the ground are one of the visible effects of monsoons. The trees can’t escape the damage these harsh winds bring. Worse, you have no idea what these branches will hit after they fall off when the wind is blowing. It even becomes too big of clutter on our property once the storm passes. So while you have time, trim those loose branches off of your trees to avoid inconvenience and potential accidents.

Home Insurance

Even if there isn’t an apparent threat to your property, such as heavy rains or a typhoon, make sure your home is ensured so that any future inconveniences may be resolved as fast as possible. If you have home insurance, you can rest with peace of mind. Just make sure the coverage for basic programs only covers fire or lightning-related accidents, but more comprehensive house insurance plans include property damage caused by natural disasters like typhoons and floods.

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