How To Compute Your Budget When Building A House in New Manila, QC? (5 Steps Inside)

How To Compute Your Budget When Building A House in New Manila, QC? (5 Steps Inside)

New Manila, Quezon City, is one of the pronounced locations for every Filipino working who also want to build their future around the Metropolis. New Manila offers you the finest and most prestigious living for successful individuals, no wonder many opt to find or build their homes here, whether you are a young professional or starting your own family. And if you are one of them, here’s how you can compute or determine your budget for building a house in New Manila.

1. Consider the Location.

If you are just about to buy a lot in New Manila you should consider the location. A lot inside this high-end residential area has a lot of weight in value, prices have increased dramatically in New Manila for the past 5 years (about 20-30% per year). This plus the accessibility, the neighborhood security or peacefulness, and even its location within (if it’s a corner or an interior lot) all affect the price.

2. Determine Your Architectural Plan.

Identify your specific home features or amenities and let your architect or home contractor provide an estimation. This includes:

  • The Main Floor – identify the size of your living area, floor ceiling height, if its a slab-grade or not, or if there will there be a porch
  • General Details – the size of your deck area, the roof slope, and the structure class
    Basement – including whether you want to have a basement, a walk-out basement, the finished and unfinished area in the basement, and the ceiling height for it.
  • Garage – including the size of the garage, the ceiling height, garage doors, or if it has a suspended floor
  • Upper Floors – determine if you’re having a loft living area, the size, ceiling height, and how many floors will you have
  • Kitchen – including the number of full kitchens, size, the cabinet grade, countertop type, number of kitchenettes
  • Bathrooms – how many custom bathrooms will you have, the size, and the bathroom grade
  • Finishes – choose the main and secondary siding type – will it be vinyl, cement board, brick, or rock, choose the flooring grade as well
  • Other Details – will there be a septic system, propane tanks, gas fireplaces, fire suppression system, an automated or smart home, curved staircases, etc.

3. Don’t Forget Other Fees.

Aside from your architectural plan, you should also never miss to include other fees that are commonly overlooked. This includes:

  • The Site Preparation – If your lot still needs to clear some trees, rocks, or haul some dirt, there will be an additional cost depending on the condition. This could get pricey if you have a Tree that has lived for more than 100 years on the property. So a good tip here is to always visit the property multiple times before making out plans.
  • Permit Fees – Several permits are needed prior to building your houses such as building permits, zoning certification, fire code fees, consultant fees, or occupancy permits. These permits are the reason why some builders take longer than usual, so as a person who is applying to build their house it is better to ask help from experts who can quickly do the paperwork.

4. Get Expert Help.

If you wanted to build your dream home, creating a team of professionals is crucial to get the best approach. Below are some professionals that you may want to consider. Take note that they have professional fees too.

  • Architects – like what we’ve said earlier, they are the ones who can help you create the overall floor planning
  • Contractors – are the ones assigned to execute the architect’s design
  • Interior Designers – they are responsible to create your indoor space beautiful and functional
  • Other designers – as you go along, and if you want to have unique designs, you may also consider a kitchen or landscape designer or engineers.

5. Create a Necessary Budget Allowance.

While sticking to your budget is always a good one, we can never deny the fact that there will be some unnecessary changes that may come along the way that’s why keeping some allowance is a must. You may talk to your architect or contractor about the percentage that must be settled here.

A Rough Estimate

While all of these costs may vary depending on your preferences, you may also consider a rough estimate using the floor size. According to Architect Manila, below is a probable construction cost depending on house classification:

  • Low-cost house – 15,000 to 18,000 pesos per sqm
  • Mid-cost house – 22,000 to 28,000 per sqm
  • High-end house- 35,000 and above

This means if you want a simple and classic home with 100sqm along New Manila, you may spend around 1.5M. While if you prefer an elegant and smart home with the same floor size, you will be spending around 3.5M to 4M.

Ready to Build Your Home?

While building a home from scratch is much more exciting, it requires more time and energy to complete it. You need to talk with different partners to achieve the best results and if the “experts” you hired aren’t conscious of your money then we suggest you watch them like a hawk.

And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want any fuss and inconvenience, you may also consider a built one or ready for occupancy. No more planning from zero, no more worries and waiting time. You just need to choose the type of house that you want and that will fit your budget.

Go and check out our hundreds of house projects in New Manila that may fill your dream home. We have partnered with trusted builders with the same vision to meet our client’s expectations.

Whether you prefer a condo type, a detached house, or a mansion, Presello can serve it to you!

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