Episode 2: The Meticulous Fit-Out Process in Acacia Estates by DMCI Homes

Episode 2: The Meticulous Fit-Out Process in Acacia Estates by DMCI Homes

In this second episode of The Amazing Makeover Project with DMCI Homes, we will be toured around the Fit-out facility of DMCI inside Acacia Estates.

Upon our Presello host, Julia’s arrival, she was welcomed immediately by Engr. Jomed who’s the Fitout Manager and the one who will tour us around the estates’ fit-out area. They are the ones making this home makeover project come to life, as well as many other properties in Acacia Estates. Not only will the viewers see this large and busy facility but Engr. Jomed will also talk us through DMCI’s fit-out process.


Fit-out refers to the process of preparing an interior area for habitation. Fit-out work involves the fabrication of different furnishings, interior walls, plastering, wiring, flooring, decorating, lighting, mechanical systems, or any other upgrades done to the house’s interior.

The fact that DMCI Homes has its own fit-out team is a significant factor that contributes to their quick and efficient work on home building. And this remains consistent in all of their home development projects.

As explained by Engr. Jomed, their fit-out process is a precise and methodical approach that consists of various steps to assure the quality of their craft.

Step 1: Plan review

The team will first receive design or work drawings from the designers. These will be reviewed and analyzed for them to determine their approach in the fabrication, as well as the materials that will be used.

Step 2: Finalization of Plan

Once every detail of the project is reviewed and determined. A group of designers collaborate with the fit-out team and finalize the plan.

Step 3: Samples and mock-ups

The fit-out team will proceed in making samples and mock-ups with the agreed design and procedure so that they will have a clearer image of what the outcome should be.

Step 4: Site Inspection

Where will it be placed in the house? Does it have any surrounding walls? Are size and function adjustments needed? These are just some of the things that the fit-out team looks out for during site inspections.

Step 5: Fabrication

Once everything is done and adjusted, they will now proceed with the fabrication or finishing touches of the customized furnishings. This also includes paint application and wrapping for secure and undamaged transportation of the material to the actual site.

Step 6: Installation

Now that it’s on the site, installation can finally begin.

Step 7: Test and Commission

Finally, all outputs of the fit-out process are inspected by the Quality Management Team, which is another in-house department of DMCI Homes.

With the established workflow and precession, this fit-out team has, it is hard to imagine that they only started back in 2016.


The DMCI Homes’ Fit-out team is consists of skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, and installers from the entirety of the DMCI company. For their outsourcing hire, manpower hire is filtered through extensive interviews and examination.

Engr. Jomed and Julia went back to the project site to show us more of what the Fit-out team has done to the nearly finished house. Compared to how we saw the house from the first episode up to this, we can clearly tell how fast and effective DMCI’s work is.

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