Episode 1: A Glimpse Into The Renovation Project of DMCI Homes in Acacia Estates

Episode 1: A Glimpse Into The Renovation Project of DMCI Homes in Acacia Estates

A Glimpse Into The Renovation Project of DMCI Homes in Acacia Estates

Presello presents its newest mini-series with DCMI Homes titled ‘The Amazing Makeover Project’. In this mini-series, we are going to follow our Presello host, Julia, along with her team around Acacia Estates, where DMCI Homes will showcase how they refurbish and develop residential properties in this neighborhood.

In this first episode, we are first greeted by Arch. Rina, the Vice President for Architectural and Interior Design of DMCI Homes in the Mulberry Place of Acacia Estates. This particular spot is described as a tropical paradise with its first-rate resort-like amenities, spacious units, generous open spaces, and lush greeneries made possible by DCMI Homes.

Arch. Rina explained that DCMI Homes has in-house expertise that not all developers possess. This means that they have their interior design, engineering, construction, landscaping, and fit-out team that works continuously together in all their building projects. Having an in-house source in all aspects of construction makes DMCI Homes projects unified and efficient. This is seen in the adored quality of landscapes and residential properties around Acacia Estates.

DMCI projects have a signature style that they like to call ‘resort-inspired’ living. They value the presence of greenery, open spaces, natural lighting, and natural ventilation. And this is evident and consistent in all kinds of projects they do.

Julia, along with Arch Rina, takes us on a mini-tour of the complete community of the estate, which has its commercial establishments like grocery stores, salons, restaurants, pet clinics, and much more. It also takes pride in its beautiful community event’s place named ‘Casa Real’ which was built in 1915, transported from Sampaloc, Manila.

Once Julia arrived at the exact location of the makeover project in Mahogany 1 street, she was greeted by the Interior Designer, Aya, who toured us around the unfinished residential lot. Upon entering the 3-story house, you will be greeted by the high-ceiling living room. The interior design objective in this area is to highlight this high-ceiling even more by placing a floor-to-ceiling TV wall with vertical accent lines.

The use of mirrors in order to give a more spacious illusion to enclosed spaces in the house is also one of the key points in this project. Most accents and decorative designs to be placed in the house were specially crafted by DMCI’s fit-out team. “Having our in-house fit-out team helps us work more efficiently.” – Aya, one of DMCI’s Interior Designer.

The aesthetic theme of this project is ‘coastal luxe’ which gives a refreshing look to a home. The light, relaxing, and beach-vibe ambiance is what the designers hope to communicate with their design. As explained in the video, they strictly use light wood finishes and they aim to employ coastal-inspired furniture that fits the motif nicely.

This episode just shows a great draft of what the finished house will look like, but it’s easy to picture how beautiful it will be once it’s finished. As viewers like you continue to watch, you will be able to see exactly what a ‘coastal-luxe’ home is all about. But before that, in the next episode of ‘The Amazing Home Project’, follow Julia in DCMI’s fit-out facility in Acacia Estates and learn more about how they execute their construction plans.

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