8 Steps to Building Your Dream Home

8 Steps to Building Your Dream Home

Everyone has dreamed of living in a beautiful home, and there’s no other way to find the ideal house for your personality and lifestyle than to design it yourself. On top of that, one of the most rewarding things in life is to see your hard-earned money becoming a home you can really be proud of.

But such a major decision can quickly become exhausting and daunting. Since any mistake is costly, you don’t want to decide on stuff you’re not sure about. To help you be truly confident in stepping into this process, here are 8 things to consider if you’re planning on building your dream house.

Know What Your Goals Are

In any action, the first step is to set targets, not just any targets, but they must be achievable. Find out what you really want and imagine the final outcome. Such goals will hold you on the road leading to your desired end result.

This is where you pay attention to the bigger picture. Ask yourself, how can I achieve this? Who will I seek for help? Should I explore more options? Do I need a plan B? Once you do enough research, these questions would be simpler to answer, so make sure to seek advice from reputable individuals and online sources. In this home building process, research will help you have a better understanding of what to expect.

Set a Budget

The finance aspect is an entirely different thing to elaborate on. For the defined budget you have, you need to carefully examine how you can get the desired outcome. This is important for overspending to be avoided. Whether it’s through a loan or bank savings, figure out the best way you can finance your project.

Here in the Philippines, if you have a builder to deal with the construction from start to finish, the cost of building a house nowadays will typically vary from PHP 14,000 to PHP 18,000 per sqm. When this phase is finally worked out, your entire plan can start to sound more realistic and accomplishable.

Consider the Location

Once you’ve done enough research and have established your budget. Go back to visualizing your dream house by choosing the best location. Going and visiting your local estate agents, like Presello, and checking land auctions are a good starting point. This will help you see available plots that may be perfect for you. Depending on your design choice, we also have house and land bundles available, and this can give you considerable savings as it will somehow act as a blueprint to focus on in the construction and creative process.

Hire the Right Professionals

Now that you are in the process of contacting real estate companies, it is time to build your team for the job. Building a home is a collaborative effort that needs to be done by the right professionals. The contractors you hire can either make or break the entire project, so chose the best one.

Make sure the company is highly recommended. Check the past projects they have carried out and, if possible, interview the owners to reduce the hassle of construction supervision on your part. This will ensure their credibility. Good contractors would take care not just of the supplies, but also of the work required to build the home.of the houses the builder has designed.

Don’t forget other crucial members of your team as well, such as architects, and interior designers. Some real estate companies already have contact with the best contractors and designers you’ll need, so make sure to seek help.

Permits and Paperworks

You’ve already completed your research at this point on the organization or team that you’re going to work with. This means that the time has come to legalize the trade by signing contracts. Contracts are important to a project like constructing a house to prevent dishonest schemes on both yours and the builders’ side. It is the legitimate proof of the relationship that has been offered to you. Getting decent contractors also allows you not to think about obtaining construction permits, since they are the ones that are going to run the errand for you.

Know Your Style

Now that the actual process is ready to start, now is the time to be more certain about how you want your perfect house to look like. Set a firm standard that you want your place to fit in. This is not only helpful to you but the contractors and designers as well. Talk to your architects and interior designers about design options and get their professional advice.

Communicate with your Team

Speaking of getting their advice, always communicate along the building process. If you truly want the place to be exactly how you want, you need to be as involved in the process as you can. Architects and designers prefer it when clients give a concrete image of what they want to see, it gives them a path to follow.

But at the same time, allow them to suggest things that they think will be better for the entirety of the place, they’re professionals after all.

Work Your Way Out of the Troubles

Unsurprisingly, things like this are unpredictable. Things not according to plan happen along the way, and that’s normal. So keep your sanity and work your way out of that turmoil. This is where having a good team will truly pay.

The last piece of advice, don’t change your mind. Yes, you’re going to be drawn to the latest stuff that comes along. Just note that once construction begins, it would take you more time and resources to change your mind.
Take These Steps with Presello

At Presello, we are a team dedicated to bringing you closer to the paragon home of your dreams. Our years of experience with various clients with different needs allowed us to be experts in this industry. Contact us now for a consultation about finding or building your next home!

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