72 hours in a Preselling Condo Showroom

72 hours in a Preselling Condo Showroom

72 hours in a Preselling Condo Showroom

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a condo that doesn’t actually exist yet? I recently embarked on a unique adventure that allowed me to experience just that. For 72 hours, I called a preselling condo unit my home, immersing myself in the world of a property that was still a blueprint on paper. The experience was eye-opening and full of challenges that tested my adaptability and resourcefulness. In this article, I will take you on a journey through my unconventional stay and share the hurdles I faced while living in a space that was a vision of the future. From isolation to the absence of essential amenities, such as water and a door, my time in the preselling condo shed light on the intricacies of living in a space that has yet to materialize fully. Join me as I recount this intriguing adventure and explore the unexpected challenges that came with it. 

Wanna know what is like to living in a preselling condo unit that doesn’t exist yet? Here are the challenges that I face when staying in the unit. 


Isolation : I couldn’t leave the unit or even go outside the building during this time.

However, I was fortunate enough to have food deliveries arranged, thanks to the lobby

service and the help of friends who joined me. 



No Water : Living without water was the toughest part. Water is essential for daily

tasks like bathing, brushing teeth, and using the bathroom. Thankfully, the management

converted a powder room into a bathroom to help me cope with this challenge.



No Door : The absence of a door, replaced only by a curtain, made it tricky to maintain privacy and keep out noise and distractions. It was amusing how some clients and agents would walk right in, assuming the unit was empty. Some even recognized me and thought I was there for work, not a personal challenge!


 Overall, this experience highlighted the importance of water in our lives and showed me just how challenging it can be to live in a space that doesn’t yet exist, especially with limited amenities and privacy.


Full experience below :

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