6 Filipina Interior Designers You Need To Know

6 Filipina Interior Designers You Need To Know

Behind every great interior is a diligent Filipina Interior designer.

Here at Presello, being a real estate firm we have the pleasure of working with some of the most talented Filipina interior designers in Metro Manila or perhaps the entire Philippines. Being able to see functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors by these women never fails to amaze us and every single one of our clients.

It becomes even more impressive when you realize how complex and meticulous interior design is. The placement of each material and furniture is well thought out and serves a purpose. A common misconception when it comes to interior design that it’s all about the visuals. As much as it is important to serve the aesthetics, interior design is more than that.

What does an interior designer do?

To give you a brief explanation of how intricate interior design is without using jargon, they make sure to evaluate a site location to make sure that it suits the project the client has in mind. They also handle how a space in an area needs to be used efficiently by being safe, good to look at, and functional to the client.

They provide solutions to problems that might occur along the process and manage the project to make sure that no time is being wasted. And since they are well-versed in the market and they know the price point of materials while having a connection to contractors, they can also plan the budget optimization of the whole project without sacrificing the best outcome.

Those are just some of the things that interior designers have to consider when working on something. I know that there are way more things on their checklist that we don’t even realize is necessary for design documentation.

In appreciation for these talented women that go beyond what is expected from them, here are the 6 Filipina interior designers you need to know.

6 Filipina Interior Designers You Need to Know

Rhia of New Maven Studio

Our official interior design partner is New Maven Studio. It is a full-service interior design firm specializing in residential and commercial design. One of their design experts is Rhia who appears in a lot of our Youtube videos and Podcasts. Rhia is a well-educated woman that actually studied finance and then eventually ended up in interior design.

This change of career path is for a woman that strives for knowledge and success in whatever she does, ended up as another door for new and wider opportunities. Being happily married and a mother to a son, Rhia is passionate about designing well-thought-out and beautiful spaces that contribute to the wellness of a household.

Coming from New Maven Studio, a trusted interior design firm in Makati, Rhia’s knowledge in her field of work and good people skills make everyone that has worked with her impressed and satisfied with her brilliance and artistry.

Get in touch with Rhia through email at inquire.newmaven@gmail.com.

Viki and Paula of Co-Creative Studio

Viki and Paula Rodriguez are sisters based on Cebu City. they started their own interior design firm after years of learning and experiences in creating pieces for a renowned export company like Detalia Aurora and for various other local and international collaborators. A variety of their designs have been included in major design fairs.

The sisters’ greats did not stop once they started their own studio. Viki and Paula’s innovative approach is to use and to promote only local decors and furniture made from natural materials.

Roberta and Anna of Raw Tura

Being that art piqued their interest at an early age, Roberta Limjap, and Anna Zavalla started young. They are the owners of Raw Tura, a furniture brand. They specialize in wood furniture and minimalist designs. Their brand is known to collaborate with many local artists.

Kristine Neri-Magturo

A graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at the University of the Philippines, Kristine worked diligently and effectively used her knowledge to gain the respect and reputation she has now in the design industry. When she passed the board exam she had numerous experiences working with companies until she decided to build her own design firm.

Vera Villarosa-Orila

Vera’s design career is focused on residential design. Her career started after years of training in a small interior design firm. Vera is known for her precision in making sure that her clients will be satisfied with how she designed their space, whether it may be visual wise, safety, or functionality. This gave her a great reputation in the industry.

Willie Garcia

Garcia’s skills when it comes to design and what she stands for when it comes to the environment make a rare gem. She is the woman behind Junk Not! Junk Not is a brand that promotes and offers eco-friendly products as well as decorative furniture. It helps the country’s struggle with waste management and offers livelihood to hundreds of Filipinos.

How much does it cause to Hire an Interior Designer in the Philippines?

Hiring the right interior designer in the Philippines is not only for the well off. Most of us think that the help of a professional when it comes to interior design is just a wound to your bank account. But in the long run, hiring someone to renovate or start your project can actually save you more time and money.

Think of it this way, a good designer will connect you with the right contractors that can offer discounts. They also know the source of quality yet cheaper materials since they are well-versed in the pricing of the market. And when they established a safe, reliable, and aesthetic room space that suits what you envisioned, it will prevent you to make further renovation which will most likely cost you more.

For projects that are not too complex and do not require much planning, hire an interior designer for consultation only. The usual rates start from P500 to P1,500 per hour. If you don’t want to do installments, the lump sum of the hourly rate can go from P4,500 to P10,000. For projects within Metro Manila, the food and transportation expenses are not included in these rates as well as the accommodation for out of town projects.

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