5 Amazing Home Design Inspiration from The Luxe Heim

5 Amazing Home Design Inspiration from The Luxe Heim

If you haven’t caught up with our Presello’s house tour series, The Luxe Heim episode is surely the one you shouldn’t miss.

In its 1,400 square meters of floor area, this home in Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa City, has innumerable works of art by Orlina, Cobonpue, BenCab, Luz, and others. The property has a contemporary style with some extremely luxurious touches to go with all of the art.

This “art collector’s home” dubbed as The Luxe Heim, is a mansion that maintains the wow factor design and quality through the outside from the inside of its premises.

This incredible home was built for the collector and their family by the always impressive construction firm Draco Builders. The glimpse of this mansion through our Presello house tours is a great source of inspiration for the future homeowners who dream of designing their own mansion as well.

With that said, why don’t you take notes of the best design inspiration from The Luxe Heim for your own dream house?

A modern-art-museum-like living room.


As mentioned earlier, the impressive design of this house doesn’t end with its facade or external structure. In fact, the living room which is the first area that greets a visitor from the front door is every aesthetic fan’s dream.

Upon entering, you are greeted by a vast, high-ceiling living room. This gorgeous hall, which serves as the center of the home, is drenched in rich detail and gives the impression that this is the private domain of an art collector.

Just by the way everything is in place, you can tell how much Draco Builders put importance on the symmetry and color combination. The attention to detail on each corner of this living room is flawless.

A painting by national artist Benedicto Cabrera (a.k.a. BenCab) hangs over the seating area, and Kenneth Cobbonpue chandeliers, among other pieces of art, light up the space—not to mention all the other minor details that distinguish this home.

Patagonia marble to frame elevator door and basement entrance.

Everyone’s personal favorite of the Luxe Heim mansion is the showcase of Patagonia marble. Patagonia is extremely rare for it’s only available in one quarry in the world, hence why it’s considered the most expensive marble.

We realize mansion elevators are really not a new thing, but when the entrances on all three stories of the house two main floors, and a finished basement are framed in Patagonia marble, then it’s worth the recognition.

It’s also worth mentioning the skillfulness of Draco builders in handling such rare and expensive material. The way they installed and built it gives justice to such luxurious material. A homeowner might invest in an expensive material but if the builder, does not install and execute it well with the design, it would be a waste.

Crystal quartz as wall accents.


Have you ever heard of a house with crystal quartz walls? It appears that you have now. On one side of the narrow corridor leading to the huge home office is a backlit crystal wall with a magnificent work of art. This is such a creative way of using the material for both design and lighting. Draco Builders hit two birds with one stone.

The way the office is also designed to let in a lot of natural lighting gives the office the liveliness it gives to fuel the homeowner’s productivity.

Make your master bedroom more exciting with an attached sunroom.

This sunroom takes the notion of a bedroom as your own personal sanctuary to the next level. Most of what we see in the master bedroom of houses like this is a massive TV and a king-size bed. This room has that as well, but what makes this room unique is the attached sunroom to it.

This extremely private and airy space is reached by a semi-hidden tunnel in the master bedroom. The entrance to the sunroom is a deceiving curtain enclosed by a sliding door.

The sunroom has a beautiful view of the wide roads and parks of Alabang and it even has a view of the living room downstairs providing the parents with a relaxing vantage point from which to keep watch over their territory.

Make use of a high-ceiling bedroom by having a loft.


While each of the five bedrooms has unique elements that make them unique, this one sticks out. The addition of this loft adds to the room’s spaciousness and brightness. Consider how fun the sleepovers of the homeowner’s children would be here.

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