10 Things You Should Know Before Building a Home

10 Things You Should Know Before Building a Home

Perhaps you’re finally ready to get started on building that dream house of yours. This is a monumental time in anyone’s life because the hard-earned money you worked for in many years is finally being invested in a property you’ll reside in. This is why you’ll need to be as involved as you can be throughout the process or else, you will compel the architect to make them, risking that your new home will not work out as you envisioned or will cost more than you anticipated.

Presello wants you to avoid as many bumps and pitfalls that you can avoid along the way in this process. Here are ten things you should know before building a home.

When going through this process, it’s important to realize that you can’t expect a perfect road ahead, there’s helpful knowledge that can prepare you and help you know what to expect

Set Your Numbers

This seems obvious, but the importance of being prepared and smart about your finances can’t be emphasized enough when it comes to home construction. If you plan to get pre-approved by a bank first, you’re making a wise decision. A good builder will have associations with a variety of banks and will be able to direct you to the bank that best meets your needs.

A construction-to-permanent loan is usually needed. In this case, the bank will conduct checks during the construction period. It creates a timeline that outlines when the contractor will be paid at each point of the project, which is normally done weekly.

Have a Schedule as a Guide

Home constructions are one of those things that you can never expect to follow a tight schedule. Bad weather, delays in materials, and just many inevitable things can happen throughout the process, and that’s normal. But a competent contractor will always make it a point to have a schedule as a loose guide to keep your project in time and moving.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Moving on to the design aspect of the house, one thing you shouldn’t miss is focusing on how this house should cater to your lifestyle. As much as it’s fun and exciting to have an entire space dedicated to being a wine cellar, is there no other purpose that this space can be dedicated to that you’ll use more? Another example is that perhaps you’re an active and a fitness enthusiast, having an allotted space for a home gym will be ideal for your lifestyle.

Have Your Future in Mind

Maybe you’re a couple planning to establish the home you’ll raise your family in, obviously you’ll want a house designed perfect for the family you’re about to have. This is just one of the reasons why it’s important that you’ll be confident in the communication between you and your hired professionals. The builders and designers connect with you enough to always keep in their mind how your future plans influence this project.

Build with Resale In Mind

Home construction aside from many things is also an investment. As much as you should make this home your own, it won’t probably be the last home you’ll own. It’s potential in the real estate market should not be ignored, because the profit you’ll make from it is something your future self will greatly thank you for.

Have Enough Storage

At the end of the day, your house will hold most, if not all your belongings, so storage space should not be overlooked. A well-planned house has plenty of creative ways to provide storage. Talk to your designer about using multipurpose furnitures that can serve as storage space too.

Invest in Fixtures

Yes, it’s exciting to shop for many decorative and artistic pieces for your house, that’s quite honestly one of the best parts of the process. However, what will benefit you in the long run is to invest in fixtures. You might end up changing your aesthetic style in a year or even in months, but fixtures are the parts of your home that will stick around. If you invest in higher-quality fixtures instead, it’s easier to change decors and colors to freshen up the house without having to do major repairs and redo’s.

Think Green

Energy conservation will be considered by great designers and architects. Talk to your builders about as you make more research on how you can conserve energy. One thing architects do is that will assist in ensuring that your windows face south, allowing you to get as much natural light as possible to brighten your house. Energy-efficient appliances should also be your priority when shopping for things to place in the house.

Let the Contractors Finish Before You Move In

Some move to the house immediately when the essential rooms such as their bedrooms are ready, however, it is recommended that you let the entire house be completed first before you move in. Of course, if you want to move in already, you can, but those last few areas can literally take years to complete if you do this. Therefore, just be mindful of that. If you already have contractors there, it’s much easier to let them finish projects now than to pay them later to come back.

Research About Who You’ll Hire

Finally, the last and perhaps one of the most defining things you should remember is to do enough research on the builders and architects you’ll hire for your project. They should treat this construction with the same care they should be able to communicate clearly to you so they won’t miss out on what YOUR house should be. Presello only works with firms and contractors that have proven their service that is seen in their excellent projects.

Have The Right People To Help You

The professionals you will hire can either make or break this project of yours, so knowing the right company to hire is crucial. You should only trust builders and designers that have proven their excellence in home construction and design. Have APL guide you in every step of the way!

Presello gladly works with Architects Planners Builders or APL Architects that have proven their expertise in designing residential and commercial establishments. APL specializes in designing luxury homes, as well as resorts and hotels. Aside from construction, their services extend to interior design works as well.

Having been in the business for over 15 years. It is their firm belief that houses and buildings should not only respond to physical, economic, cultural, and historic influences but should also contribute positively to their surrounding environment.

If you want to hire APL for your home renovation plans, you can see more of their works and contact information here.

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