Who is the Owner of this Massive Abandoned Mansion? 

Who is the Owner of this Massive Abandoned Mansion? 

Who is the Owner of this Massive Abandoned Mansion?  

Have you ever driven through Ayala Alabang? If you have, you might have seen a huge
mansion along one of the main roads in the village. It’s incredibly massive, about ten
times bigger than the other houses around. What’s really intriguing is that nobody knows
who owns it or why it was left empty. That’s why we decided to do some digging and
uncover the mystery.

When it comes to abandoned mansions, there’s nothing more fascinating than a good
story behind them. The tale of a grand mansion forgotten by time can capture our
imaginations. Among them, one mansion has a particularly puzzling history.

This mansion is considered one of the most stunning architectural wonders in the world.
It’s like a time capsule from the past, and its mysterious owner has sparked many
questions and theories over the years.

For a long time, this mansion has stood there, reminding us of the beauty and grandeur
of a bygone era, leaving everyone who passes by in awe.

After years of wondering about the owner’s identity, we may have stumbled upon some
clues that shed light on the mansion’s past.

In a video tour of the house, viewers were left with a lingering mystery. They couldn’t
help but ask, “Who owned this magnificent mansion?”

But the people who lived in Ayala Alabang had some take on who owned the place.


Here are the comments that came from our house tour video


Rumors have been circulating within the community, suggesting that the owner of the mansion may have ties to questionable political activities, with some even alleging that they could be a crooked politician.



But there are others who strongly disagree. They think that being a crooked politician isn’t enough to build a mansion like this. They believe that the mansion is owned by the realm of big businessmen.



As stated in the comment, @nikkispontaneous saying that the mansion looks a lot like Pablo Escobar’s old place. They think it’s similar because of the fancy design and luxurious features. Is it possible that they are the owner of the mansion? What do you guys think?



People have been gossiping about the place, comparing it to one of those dramatic mansions you’d find in a Wattpad story. They imagine secret passages, hidden romances, and maybe even a ghost or two lurking in its shadows. It’s like the setting of a thrilling novel, filled with intrigue and mystery. Of course, these are all just playful fantasies, but it’s fun to let your imagination run wild sometimes, isn’t it?



One Netizen called @nat0106951 commented: The owner was a former supplier of Sony Ericsson but when the financial bubble burst they couldn’t finish the mansion anymore.



We’re not entirely sure who was the owner of the mansion but even we don’t have all the answers, we can still enjoy the journey of curiosity and exploration. That’s why we will keep on digging to uncover the mystery.



House Tour Video Below


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