Things To Do in Quezon City

Known as the City of New Horizons and the most populous city in Metro Manila, Quezon City is a place of exciting places to explore and fun hangout spots with friends and family.

Both tourists and residents appreciate the accessible transportation around the city that makes exploring possible. If you are planning to visit, you won’t have trouble deciding because there is a range of budget-to-luxury accommodations, as well as food to suit every taste.

Here are the things you must not miss out on in Quezon City!

1. Try & Explore Food Hubs

One thing that stands out the most in every community is the food culture and Quezon has plenty to give in this area. Aside from the selection of popular food restaurants inside the malls, certain areas in the city also provide stand-alone food spots you shouldn’t miss out on.

According to food travelers, there are 3 locations in Quezon City that deserve your attention if you’re a certified foodie.

Maginhawa Street

One of the most famous food hubs in QC is Maginhawa street. Foodies are becoming more addicted to this place especially with the recent rise of Food Park or Hub businesses. Maginhawa street features food parks like Maginhawa 101 Food Hub, StrEat Food Park, and Z Compound. These places offer a variety of well-loved Filipino comfort foods, international cuisines, and must try fusion dishes.

Tomas Morato

Tomas Morato prides itself on featuring bars, restaurants, and, more importantly, exclusive restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else. People would go the extra mile just to try the food spots in this area, and anyone that has tried understands why.

Whatever your taste might be, whether that’s eastern cuisine, western cuisine, or authentic Filipino food, you will find the restaurant that satisfies your cravings.

Recommended restaurants:

  • Lola Cafe + Bar – Sct.
  • Lozano St.
  • Kusina Juan
  • Republika – Scout
  • La Spezia MNL – Scout Dr. Lazcano
  • The Frazzled Cook – Scout Gandia
    Bento&Co – Scout Lazcano
  • Seoul Train Korean
  • Barbeque – Sergeant Esguerra Ave

Katipunan Avenue

Being the area near university students, the food business in Katipunan is booming as expected. But with the number of options in Katipunan, it did not take long when it wasn’t just the students that were attracted to the food hubs offered at this place. Many from distant cities go to Katipunan for its chill atmosphere and comforting food options.

Loyola Diliman has plenty of food parks and proper restaurants for you to try out. Certainly, a perfect food trip spot to visit with your friends and loved ones.

Recommended food spots:

  • Brown’s Gourmet –
  • Regis Center
  • Blake’s Wings &
  • Steaks – Katipunan Ave.
  • Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza – Katipunan Ave.
  • Chubby Chicken – Esteban Abada St.
  • Roku Sushi + Ramen – Katipunan Ave.

2. Shopping

As a highly urbanized city, Quezon City is the home to some of the biggest malls in the Philippines. From high-end luxury stores to affordable trendy shops, you will have a blast roaming around the city that has everything you need.

Eastwood City

If your planning to visit this city to have a good spend of money on shopping, make sure to shop in luxury high-end shops or go to the nearby flea market on the artisan road of Eastwood City.

Eastwood is known for its modern and suburban atmosphere with beautiful architectural designs of buildings and outdoor landscapes in the courtyard surrounded by palm trees. Eat local or western restaurants that aren’t so common around other cities. You can also find hole in the wall stalls that you can try out with your friends. You also have to option of enjoying their movie theatre.

If you’re all about the nightlife of the city, Eastwood offers trendy pubs for you to enjoy with friends, just sit down, have a drink and enjoy the presence of your friends in the amazing atmosphere.

If you’re looking for more entertainment, there’s always a lot of interesting stuff going on in Eastwood City, whether they’re unexpected fireworks and interesting street performers. All of these make the city alive and attract locals and tourists alike.

3. Cultural Art Tour

If you’re more of a visual person that thrives off pleasing artworks, Quezon city has got your back!

Art in Island

Here at Art in Quezon Island, you can be the main character of any piece of art. There are 3D paintings and life-size images that can show an illusion in the camera into believing that you’re actually in the painting. You can ride a wild cart of wild horses, be a part of Santa’s reindeer troop, ride on Aladdin’s magic carpet, or get your head eaten off my vicious lion. This interactive art museum is certainly fun to explore with your loved ones.

Sining Kamalig Art Gallery

For the fans of the classic art gallery style, Sining Kamalig Art Gallery features beautiful and thought-provoking works of local Filipino artists and visionaries.

Conveniently located in Ali Mall, this gallery is said to be the longest-running art gallery in the Philippines, with its origins dating back to 1972. Sining Kamalig has stood up for the interests of artists and free expression for decades. You can expect to see a lot of political works, and contemporary paintings as well.

4. Recreational Activities

You can’t travel to Quezon City without going to recreational attractions perfect for quality time with friends. Feel the culture of this city by exploring this some of these top reviewed destinations.

Ace Water Spa

If you’re looking for a relaxing yet fun escape to enjoy with your family, Ace Water Spa is the place for you. Inspired to be a Korean water park, this adult playground is as calming as it is rejuvenating. When you enter, you’ll be asked to put on a suit and swim cap, then you’re free to discover everything that the park has to offer.

Expect to be impressed by the selection of things to enjoy such as, a huge swimming pool where you can swim laps, hot pools and cold pools to dive in, a sauna to detoxify, massage jets to work out the kinks, and even a fountain and water slides for the kids to enjoy their youthful spirit in.

La Meso Eco Park

Enjoy the green scenery in La Mesa Eco Park! This place is known to host beautiful bonding moments of families and friends whether they are locals or not. In a place like this, a bunch of recreational activities can be done, such as hiking, trampoline, swimming, and try climbing to the top of the stairs of the La Mesa dam. You just have to pick the day where the weather is perfect.

The Ecopark is well-maintained due to the continuous stream of people who come every day.

Mystery Manila

For those who seek thrilling and mind-challenging adventure, make sure to stop by Mystery Manila when you’re in Quezon City, and test your friendship with timed puzzle rooms, each with different themes and difficulty levels.

You get an hour to solve the mystery of your chosen mystery room with groups of about five people. The price rate will depend on how many people will enter the room but it’s around P550 for 2 people but it can go down as far as P300-400. This means that the bigger the group is, the better. So make sure to grab as many friends as you can!

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