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Home hunting is not just about the house itself but the place it is established in. Everyone dreams of having a beautiful house and living in a great neighborhood. But choosing where that would be can be a challenge. 

Being a highly urbanized city in Metro Manila, Quezon City is the largest in terms of population. Dubbed the City of New Horizons, there are many more reasons why this city is known to be one of the country’s leading residential areas. When you choose a house and lot in Quezon City, you can expect convenience with the proximity of everything you need in this place. The epitome of the ideal suburban life. 

Quezon City: An Ideal Residential District

In terms of living costs and the general environment, Quezon City remains the perfect residential area of the Metro. What people love about this city is that it offers a variety of residential options from affordable socialized housing communities to pleasant middle-income residential enclaves, to modern, exclusive subdivisions.

If you’re looking for an urban neighborhood that has all you need, QC one of the place you should consider. First on this list is the quality education it provides for its residents. Several leading universities and academic institutions are located here, such as Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, a leading female academic institution, and the world-renowned University of the Philippines. The pre-school, grade school, and high school institutions are also as promising. Residents are assured of the quality of education their children are getting in this place.

When it comes to food, shopping, and entertainment, QC certainly doesn’t lack in this area. It is a home for shopping malls, with their popular high-end stores and boutique shops. Not to mention the wide range of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, there’s plenty of new things to try to keep you entertained. If you’re about the fun and nightlife of a city, you won’t be disappointed. This place also has something to offer for people that love outdoor sceneries. There are few green parks and gardens in Quezon City that people can escape and enjoy some solitude or spend quality time with loved ones.

Trusted medical establishments and wellness centers like St. Luke Medical Center, the National Kidney Transplant Institute, the World Citi Medical Center, and the Philippine Heart Center are also located here.

Moving on to the real estate value of this place, due to the city’s road network accessibility and population, which makes it highly commercialized, most real estate properties have high prices. But in the long run, as the city’s economy increases and more improvements continue; your investment in real estate will also increase in value.

Accessibility, human capital, and solid economic growth are 3 of the things keeping Quezon city on its success in commercialization.

In conclusion, If you are planning to move to Metro Manila, Quezon City is the area you shouldn’t miss. There is no doubt that Quezon City offers a secure, exciting, and stable suburban neighborhood. Presello has multiple house for sale in Quezon City.

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