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Owning a house is a huge step for anyone—a milestone in a person’s life, especially to Filipinos who are very family-oriented. It is a dream most Filipinos share, but truth be told, not everyone has enough knowledge about real estate let alone house and lot. Hence, it’s important to know where you can purchase your dream house, and the factors we need to look for when deciding which property is going to satisfy our needs and lifestyle.

If you are considering buying a house and lot for sale in the Philippines but can’t seem to find the right property to invest in, you should definitely check out properties in one of the prime locations in Metro Manila: BF Homes, Paranaque.

“Location, location, location” is a common mantra in real estate and BF Paranaque is definitely the best location to purchase a house and lot. Sure, it may be the tall toll price you have to pay when traversing SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) but that’s just a small factor.

Truth be told, there are a charm and ease about houses for sale in BF Paranaque that’s unequal to anywhere else. The luxurious house in lots is a total charmer for those who are looking for a high-end house for sale in the area. It’s so mesmerizing that even when you leave your front door, it never feels like you’ve left home.

BF Paranaque: More Than Home, A Great Neighborhood

In more recent years, BF Homes located in Parañaque has built quite a reputation as a go-to food hub, a laid-back hangout spot, and a bustling late-night dive. But for the actual residents of the subdivision, everyday life here isn’t just what outsiders have come to know about it. Metro Manila surely isn’t short of new restaurants, bars, and other establishments.

Despite this, the residents of this exclusive community still choose to hang back which often makes people north of the Metro wonder why they are keener to stay within its boundaries than to step foot in the likes of Makati, Taguig, and Quezon City.

In BF Homes, you really don’t need to tread far to find grocery stores, banks, gyms, spas, drug stores, schools, clinics, restaurants, bars, and the like. If you need it, it’s here, so there’s hardly any need to leave the vicinity. The convenience of having everything within reach is one of the great things about living in BF Homes.

Although we don’t have malls and hospitals inside the subdivision (the association doesn’t allow developments that big), there are four major malls and three hospitals right outside its three main gates.

Since it preserves an exclusive and posh vibe, it’s a known fact that almost every person who lives in BF either owns a car or has access to one, there’s no limit to the amount of public transportation available to anyone who needs to get around and out of the subdivision. Not only are there jeepneys and tricycles that can take you anywhere in BF Homes, but there’s also actually shuttle services for those needing a ride to Makati in the mornings and back into BF from Makati at night.

You might be thinking, why can’t I just buy a house and lot in Taguig or Makati since the price for house and lot are almost the same? Well, here’s a fun fact: Most of the working population living in BF Homes still have to report to work in areas like Makati and Taguig. 

But at the end of the day, residents can rest in the fact that they get to return to the quiet sanctuary of BF Homes—away from the noise and traffic jams of busier Metro Manila. Although it also gets busy during rush hours, you only really experience it near the main roads. Once you’re in your respective housing communities, the quiet is irreplaceable.

Best Hangout Places In BF Parañaque

Tas Roofdeck

With a view overlooking the colorful streets of Parañaque, Tas Roofdeck has an outdoor area where you can enjoy a few glasses of their irresistible Signature Sangria. The heart and soul of this barbecue-inspired rooftop bar’s menu are their special wraps: you can choose your base from a variety of classic pizza flavors, then stuff it with skewers such as chicken teriyaki, steak salpicao, or liempo bacon.

Vapor Hookah Lounge

Vapor is one of the long-standing places to drink in Parañaque and one of the classic go-to’s for people in the south whenever they find themselves wracking their brains for a hangout spot. On a regular night, you can expect the crowd to be relatively young, all eager to enjoy themselves. With a few rounds of beer pong to get you buzzed, you’ll feel at ease in no time. Try the Choco Mud Slide to get your dessert and drink in one.

Imbiss Manila

Tucked away in Aguirre Avenue is this German gastropub, another popular choice for the younger audience. This trendy joint really comes alive at night, so be prepared for blasting music and an enthusiastic crowd. Their ample selection of beers, cocktails, and spirits is perfect for those who crave variety. Try the Amaretto Sour, a classic with a twist.


BF Homes Paranaque is every family-oriented Filipino’s dream for his/her family. And for the Presello realty estate firm, having a dream home for kids should become a reality for every customer.

Here at Presello, as one of the top real estate firms, we have the pleasure of meeting the best in the industry of interior design in Metro Manila. We serve both local and foreign clients in buying properties in any major city in the Philippines. We are affiliated with most of the major real estate developers in the country, so we are able to serve clients who are looking to buy any type of property – house and lot, condominiums and other residential properties, commercial properties and offices.

Our clients buy their properties from us to have peace of mind that their transactions are free from any problem and that they have someone they can call anytime when they have any after-sales issues or concerns. This is the kind of reliability and accountability that you may never find from other agents or brokers offering the same services. And this is what we guarantee our clients.

Many of the clients who buy their properties through us which are for investment purposes are now also enjoying our property management services for a hassle-free, hands-free and profitable real estate rental business; All while they are focusing on something else that matters more to them, like their main jobs and businesses.

If you are looking for someone who can help you with these things, you’ve come to the right place!

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