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Finding a house and lot where you can plant your roots is one of the highest achievements that most people dream of doing. Choosing where to do it is the real question on everyone’s mind. Located strategically between the north and south of Luzon, Ayala Alabang is a premium choice to buy a house and lot. With state-of-the-art facilities, amenities, and services, it will surely be at the top of anyone’s list for a place to live in.

Ayala Alabang is a suburban area with all the conveniences you will need by combining residential, commercial, and recreational areas into one spectacular setting. Whatever you may need can be easily accessed just outside your doorstep. A house and lot in Ayala Alabang offer you exclusivity and security. All villages and estates are closely guarded to ensure the safety of all its residents and visitors.

Ayala Alabang: More Than A Home, A Great Neighborhood

Ayala Alabang is a great neighborhood for anyone who wants to buy a house and lot. With several malls, parks, and other recreational areas, building a sense of community with other residents is sure to happen.
You can choose from a wide variety of houses and lots at Ayala Alabang. From simple 3-bedroom homes to a 5-bedroom house and lot with a swimming pool and a big backyard, you will find it here.

Indoor and outdoor malls are the highlight of the Ayala neighborhood, especially on weekends. The malls practically offer everything one would need, like shopping and restaurants. But it doesn’t end there. Indoor amusement parks, biking trails, art galleries, and elegant cinemas punctuate these malls, leaving boredom never an option.

Because of its close-knit community, Alabang residents occasionally host house parties. For a change of scene, while still remaining within the neighborhood, Alabang Country Club is available for those who want to swim, relax, and de-stress.

Cuenca Park is also available for those who want to bike around or play soccer in the field. During holidays or long weekends, staycation with the family at any of the upscale, yet unbelievably affordable hotels within the area!

Another good thing about living in Alabang is that there are a lot of government offices in the area, often just within a 15-minute distance of each other. It’s also near Makati (it takes around 20 to 30 minutes to get there via Skyway) and Bonifacio Global City (around 30 minutes via C5). Commuting is quite easy as well since there are available transport hubs strategically located around the city.

For those on a slightly lower budget, Festival Mall is the place to be. Bargain prices are also available in Starmall, which is a community mall in the area. There are also regular and annual bazaars that offer great shopping options for those who are always looking for a great bargain.

Finding a house and lot for sale near Metro Manila also offers advantages when it comes to traveling to and from the city. Having roads that go directly to Metro Manila and even the airport is definitely a great convenience.

Ayala Alabang: A Prime Real Estate Location

A lot of people move to Alabang for cleaner air, as well as a more family-friendly environment, that still retains an urban lifestyle. Overall, it’s a great location and is accessible to road interchanges going further south and to Makati. If these are factors that are important for you, then Alabang is just the place to be.

If you are into environmental conservation and sustainability, don’t pass the opportunity to buy a house and lot at Ayala Alabang. Villages at Ayala Alabang follow practices and guidelines in response to local and global environmental sustainability issues. Concerns that have an impact on businesses and everyday life are closely monitored so policies may be effectively changed to suit the residents’ needs.

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