Imagimax has always sustained a tradition of timeless design and transcending trends in order to provide its clients enduring design and built environments.

Maturity in design means understanding that the built environment is not static; it is shaped by the architect and enhanced by people using the space.


The whole design process and build environment are all about the people involved in creating the space and translating the whole experience into actual masses and voids, to the people who are going to use and experience the space. Imagimax understands this experience and makes this evident in translating its ideas to the clients by making its ideas relevant to the users.

We map out a whole plan for our clients, from financial feasibility and planning, conceptualization and physical feasibility, to value engineering. We make projects relevant to our clients.

We make sure that this experience is preserved in every phase of the building process.


The whole building experience has been gearing towards incorporating the natural environment and existing conditions. Imagimax has been moving beyond environmentally-friendly materials and building trends towards encouraging and utilizing sustainable practices.

Imagimax takes into account cultural values and understands these as part of the client’s needs. We treat innovation as a tool for, not as a threat to, preserving these values.

By responding to this need we have enhanced the value of existing structures and helped communities to improve beyond restoring their aesthetics and moving towards making these buildings relevant again to the locale.

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