An Inside Look at the Vale Haus by Studio_F8

An Inside Look at the Vale Haus by Studio_F8


The Vale Haus is a stunning home in Angeles City, Philippines. It’s been designed by Studio_F8 and has an industrial-inspired design. The minimalist materials make the house a mesmerizing sight, and its exposed concrete exterior has an industrial feel to it. The house features all-glass sliding doors and plenty of natural light from its large windows.


Materials like concrete and steel highlight the industrial style architecturally.

Materials like concrete and steel highlight the industrial style architecturally. Concrete is a strong, durable material that adds strength to buildings. Steel is a stronger form of iron with an abundance of carbon, which makes it ideal for industrial applications.
These materials are used in the construction of industrial structures such as bridges and buildings alike. They can also be found throughout our homes as we build more sustainable environments with better insulation levels and energy efficiency measures than ever before!



The studio specializes in architectural design and balancing the structure’s form—a concept they define as “a well-balanced form with a great curbside appeal.”

It features an exposed concrete and steel exterior that’s come together using laser-cut screens.

inside is an industrial-style home that features exposed concrete and steel exterior. Some of the design elements like laser cut screens, add plenty of depth to the design of the home and gives it that uniqueness a designer home should have. This unique design was inspired by the architecture of traditional brick buildings, which also use laser-cutting technology to create interesting shapes on their facades.


The industrial style abounds in this home.

The industrial style abounds in this home. It’s characterized by its simplicity, functionality, and raw materials.
Most of the furnishings are made from wood or steel, but there are also some leather accents here and there. The kitchen is very open with a large island that can be used as an extra seating area if needed (or just as a place to put your feet up). There’s also plenty of counter space which makes it easy for you to get things done while preparing meals or snacks during mealtime!


In terms of lighting fixtures throughout your new home, we highly recommend investing in some good quality light bulbs because they will save money over time because they last longer than standard incandescent bulbs do—and who doesn’t love saving money?

The Vale Haus has been designed by Studio_F8.

The Vale Haus has been designed by Architect Benson Go under Studio_F8.

It was designed to be an open-concept home with high ceilings, large windows that bring in lots of natural light, as well as various indoor courtyards for residents to enjoy when they aren’t inside their homes or offices working on projects together!


The design of the building is meant to be simple and elegant, but at the same time, it has a modern feel that is appealing to both foreign and local residents. The units themselves have been designed with a lot of natural stone, wood textures and concrete, which makes them look like they’re built for eternity!

And it is so SPACIOUS!

The house features five bedrooms, five ensuite bathrooms, and two living/dining areas that can be partitioned into separate spaces if needed.

This includes a spacious master bedroom with walk-in closets, as well as an additional guest bedroom on the ground floor. There are three more large bedrooms on the second floor – one for each child! These rooms also include their own ensuite bathrooms; these will make your life easier when you’re trying to get ready before heading out for a date night or party night out together!

Finally, we come downstairs where you’ll find another living room area that opens up into an open kitchen area where guests can sit comfortably while eating dinner together without having to worry about bumping into anything else around them like tables, etc.


All-glass sliding doors offer plenty of natural light and an open, industrial-style floor plan.

All-glass sliding doors offer plenty of natural light and an open, industrial-style floor plan. The kitchen is equipped with copper and copper-like materials and a sleek stone countertop that accentuates the kitchen’s Avante-garde design.
In addition to its clean lines and striking architecture, the Vale Haus also features several other features that make it stand out.


The Vale Haus by Studio_F8 is a home that you can’t help but marvel at. From its industrial design to its minimalist materials, it’s something truly special. It’s not only beautiful but also functional, with plenty of space for entertaining guests or just relaxing on the deck with a glass of wine in hand. And if you’re looking for something unique and different, then this might be just what you’ve been looking for—and more! Check out Studio_F8 today.

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