5 Parks You Can Visit In Quezon City

5 Parks You Can Visit In Quezon City

Having a place to interact with nature comes with numerous benefits and having a park in a great neighborhood is the best way to enjoy those benefits.

Parks are a crucial part of any community. Having access to green spaces where you can significantly impact the development of children and the happiness of everyone in the neighborhood.

If you live in Quezon City, here are 5 of the best parks you can visit and enjoy with friends or family.

Quezon Memorial Circle

This 64-hectare national park offers quite literally a wide range of attractions and activities including the famous Quezon Memorial Shrine. This 66-meter-high monument is hard to miss because it is placed directly at the center of the park. Most people go to this park to enjoy a picnic or a bike ride.

Families can also be seen here letting their kids play at the Circle of Joy which offers a spacious playground for kids and food stalls are all around for the adults to enjoy.

If you are looking for more tranquility, the National Botanical Garden can also be located here. Over 1,000 plant species, many of which are rare and endangered, can be found in this garden. Visitors may enjoy the beauty of the many plants and animals by taking a leisurely stroll through the garden.

La Mesa Ecopark

La Mesa Ecopark is a 33-hectare public park and its attractions support environmental protection and awareness. Additionally, there are interactive activities that let visitors engage with the environment with all their senses. Not just Quezon City locals travel to visit here but other people from neighboring cities too.

With towering trees as a backdrop, the landscape is covered in greenery. allowing those who visit to exercise outside, enjoy peaceful surroundings, and contemplate. Additionally, the Park offers families safe, affordable, and accessible outdoor leisure. If you’re looking for the perfect serene park to bring your entire family, put this in your trip itinerary without a doubt.

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center

The Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center is a spot where you may retreat to enjoy a little piece of nature right in the middle of Quezon City. This zoological and botanical garden spans 22.7 hectares and is situated in Diliman, Quezon City. It is known as the “Nature Park in the City’s Heart” since it is home to numerous plant and animal species while being located in a bustling city.

Along with strolling and taking in the park’s gorgeous vegetation, visitors can see animals there. As a facility for wildlife rescue and research, it acts as a holding area and rehabilitation facility for wild animals found stray in residential areas as well as for undomesticated animals seized from people engaged in the illegal wildlife trade or abusive exotic pet owners.

UP Sunken Garden

Take advantage of the spacious landscape in UP Sunken Garden and do a picnic with your loved ones. The Sunken Garden is the University of the Philippines’ most recognizable feature, second only to the UP Oblation. It’s located in the middle of the 2.2 kilometers. Acacia trees surround the academic oval.

With its large, shaded space offering a location for a variety of activities, it has been the most advantageous location for the UP and non-UP populations. If you wish to have the ideal backdrop while here then go here to the garden just in time for the sunset.

Balara Filters Park

One of the first parks in Quezon City was the Balara Filters Park. This 60-hectare park, next to the University of the Philippines Diliman, is situated in the Diliman town of Pansol in Quezon City and was first made accessible to the public in 1953. A collection of Art Deco buildings, an antique windmill, a copy of a fountain created by a national artist, a picnic grove, an amphitheater, and many playgrounds can be found in this culturally fascinating park.

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